Photography ROCKSTAR!

Last night I headed to Miami with some photography friends to attend a lecture and book signing by Annie Leibovitz .  It was really good.  Her new book looks really interesting.  I am not someone that gets wowed by celebrities or anything, but it was great to listen to and meet someone making it as a photographer.  I purchased her new book there and had it signed by her as well.  It looks like a great book.  She tells the stories around some of her most famous pictures. 

I know some people out there think her work is only mediocre.  I stood in line with a girl who was a self-proclaimed amazing artist and she had nothing good to say about Annie.  THANKFULLY that girl left.  Why waste your time in line?  Art is subjective.  There are people that don’t love my work.  They don’t have to.  Nobody has to.  I do and my clients do, which I am very grateful for!

I also met a fabulous lady in line who was VERY knowledgeable and really easy to chat with.  She was introduced to Annie as one of the top 10 teachers in South Florida.  Wow. 

It was a great evening.  I’m glad I was able to spend it with fellow photography ‘nerds’ as my husband calls us.  Oh, and it was held at the Biltmore Hotel — I really hope I get to photograph a wedding there one day.  It was GORGEOUS!

It was a fabulous night and I’m glad I was able to go.  Now, go and get that book!


One comment

  1. Jessica

    I LOVE the Biltmore Hotel also! I will be getting ready at the Biltmore and hopefully we can take some great shots there before the ceremony!

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