Jessica & Ollie Wedding Part II

Jessica & Ollie’s wedding was amazing and I’ve grown to be such good friends with Jessica especially that I knew I needed to post another blog about their gorgeous wedding! (Please ignore that the images are not in order — wordpress and I were having issues).

Here are the other vendors:

DOC: Justine
DJ: Liquid DJs
Lighting: Ubi’s Music
Hair: Dina Acle
Makeup: Jorge Pena
Church: St. Hugh Catholic Church
Dress, Shoes & Veil:  

Dress: Maggie Sottero, alterations by: Reina

JO2wed-7 copyJO2wed-6 copyJO2wed-5 copyJO2wed-4 copyJO2wed-3 copyJO2wed-2 copyJO2wed-1 copyJO2wed-8 copyJO2wed-10 copyJO2wed-27 copyJO2wed-26 copyJO2wed-25 copyJO2wed-24 copyJO2wed-22 copyJO2wed-23 copyJO2wed-21 copyJO2wed-20 copyJO2wed-19 copyJO2wed-18 copyJO2wed-17 copyJO2wed-16 copyJO2wed-15 copyJO2wed-14 copyJO2wed-12 copyJO2wed-11 copyJO2wed-13 copyJO2wed-9 copy


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